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Castellano Français Grupo Rivas Marbella

a refurbish and construction company

with 30 years of experience

RivaCosta fulfils what you imagine


Refurbishment with guarantee, Reliability and professionalism

RivaCosta offers you the following services:

  • Brickwork: general work, tiling, paving, plastering, "pladur", marble...
  • Paintwork: all kinds of painting, decorative painting and stucco.
  • Plumbing: installations, advice about bathrooms fittings
  • Electricity: installations and repairs.
  • Carpentry: wood and aluminium.
  • Ironworks
  • Design

RivaCosta also offers:

  • Air conditioning
  • Security sistems
  • Cleaning

We guarantee:

  • Quality materials
  • Perfect finishes

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